Monday, September 27, 2010

Is Google Making Us Stupid? - Magazine - The Atlantic

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  1. Hello, everyone. I tried to read the article, but I'm not sure I could catch its point.... but in my opinion, whether the Internet makes us stupid or not, we should always doubt the information online. I know we can get a lot of information form the Internet. However, some of it is not believable. Writers can make their articles up load quickly, and also clear easily. They tend to lack of responsibility because of that. We need to check a lot of mediums of mass communication. hmmmm, I should read more. But today I'm sleepy, sorry.

  2. Today, I wrote a letter to my friend in Chiba.
    First, I prepared writing papers, an envelope and a pen. Second, I opened my notebook computer to access Google.
    I use Google whenever I write something because it teaches me everything such as difficult idioms, complicated Kanji and so on.
    I know that I am too dependent on Google. But also I know that I can't stop using Google.
    Maybe I have been made stupid by Google.

  3. I agree with your point. My Chinese friends like AKB48. Some of them asked me to type the name of the CD, because if they get the name on line,they can search using Google, though they can't use Japanese. The same thing as them I often do actually. I might say that Google has made us stupid.
    I wonder how I can see other opinions.

  4. I also agree with the opinion of this article.
    Google (the Internet) is making us stupid and providing us with wrong information sometime.
    I heard the news that some of university students in an america had the same mistake on thier exams a few years ago.
    As turnend out, they searched the information on the same site and the site was wrong.

  5. I don't think unconditionally google is making us stupid.Because Google has both good point and bad point ,I think. I live in Tokyo since April of this year.I haven't been familiar with the local geography yet.If I didn't use the Google map I might
    lose my way in this complicated city.In this way Google help me.But if we used Google as our heart dictates at online all day long ,our brain would be broken by slow becouse of not thinking by ourselves.

  6. I agree with this article’s opinion on the following point.
    We use the Internet frequently for many purposes. For example, to search some thesises , to get a hot news, to look up a map(Google’s street view).
    And many people depend on it more than before. That is true.
    But Google (or the Internet) is really making all of us “stupid”? I still have my doubts.
    In case of students, when we write a paper, many of them, including me, use the Internet to search the name of books or pictorial records for reference. We read them actually, consider what the writer advocate and refer to that view, we make our own opinion.
    In this process, I think students use their “own intelligence” to understand something about the world.

  7. I often use Internat,because it's uesful for my living.Of couse I use Google.Google give me news,map,so much imfomation and so on.But,I think that newspaper is important for me,because Internet infomation sometimes lie me.Newspaper imfomation is old,but I can belive it.I use Internet and wrighting ifomation to think much.

  8. Interesting comments here! Good job, you guys!
    HM-Very amusing!
    Yuika- I am amazed that your CHinese friends like AKB48! WHy do they know about them?
    SY - Some of those sites look soooo convincing and they are TOTALLY wrong. THis has happened to me. Remind me to tell you about the 4th of July incident.
    Shihomi - I wonder why our hearts tell us to keep looking for stuff online??WHat is that??
    SM - Your point is then, HOW we use the internet is what determines if we are stupid or not! So true.
    Kanako - Why do you think that newspapers are more trustworthy? What about books? ANy difference?

  9. I read only the first part of the article, but I agree with it and I can say Google makes us supid. It's right that we don't read a page again if we read it once, though I have never thought about it. I easily use Internet whenever I want to search for something. I'm suprised with the article about making new way to read with not knowing to do so. I get used to think about using Internet.

  10. I think that I also have the good point and the bad point in Google.
    I almost use Google every day. For example, the weather, map, and transfer guide.
    Recently, the number of people who said "Gugure" increased very much. This is a word of the meaning "You must retrieve it with Google".The reason why this word becomes popular is that Google becomes our common recognition as a convenient index site.
    Certainly, Google is very convenient. But may we really rely on this convenient site?
    When I was a high school student, I wrote the report of the chemistry. I referred to the site that had been retrieved with Google.
    When the report was returned, the teacher of the chemistry said, "Everyone does the same mistake. And, everyone saw the same site".
    We should choose the correct one from really information on Google. However, when it is the doesn't understand at all, it is difficult for me.
    The reason that doesn't have this competence is that Google made me stupid?

  11. I don't think that Google is making us stupid. The problem is themselves who believe Google without doubt. In my opinion, Google is just one of the devices for providing a bunch of searched results for the information what I'm looking for in a short time, and I AM the person who select the suitable information for myself; so I'm always trying to be careful of my own choice.

  12. I can't answer clealy whether Google makes us stupid or not, but I think that if our capacity for concentration and contemplation are lost by using Google, it is dreadful.
    I wonder if Google makes us lazy and deprive us of our opportunity to think.
    However, I feel that it is important ability to find necessary information from the Internet, and I cannot help using Google because it is very useful. If we use Google well, we won't be stupid, I think.

  13. I do agree with the point that the Internet gives us the stuff of thought and how you think about it and you can get many biased information. But the Internet gives us huge amount of information that is important for us to live(like weather, map, news and so on), and also, one day you might encounter an interesting opinion that you've never met and stimulus you. so I think you can't say the Internet is making us stupid necessarilly.

  14. I think the Net is definitely makes us stupid and lazy.
    When I go somewhere by train, I always use the transfer guide on the Internet. Just typing name of station, I can know the cheapest, fastest or easiest way to get to the destination without using my brain.
    It's true that the Internet is really useful but it's also true it deprive us of chance to use my brain.

  15. >>Sihomi
    I agree with your opinion. Google has both good points and bad points.
    With Google, we can check almost all things. But it may contain something wrong, so we have to judge if the information is correct or wrong. This is the most important, I think. We cannnot be stupid only because of using Google. On the contrary, there's possibility that we can know many things and be smart so that we can get much information. To do so, it is essential that we develop our ability to judge and make sure that we can use the information.

  16. I rarely use google,neither for searching nor for browsing news,of course far before it has trouble with Chinese goverment.I think I will have a try next time.But I just think is all Google's fault for making people stupide??Maybe we like to be fooled by G or the Internet. 
    I toally have the same feeling with Scoot Karp ,as I'm also a literature student,I am trying my hard to concentrate more and more to the traditional media,like books or paper.

  17. In my opinion, Google does not make my parents stupid bcause they don't use the Internet very often. I mean peaple who live in countryside don't need to use the Internet more than people who live in the city and need to use the Internet because of their job etc. I've not read the paper very well actually, sorry...but I will. Takahiro

  18. I'm sorry for my last comment in such a bad format, so after further reading, I would like to add something new.

    Maybe the site like Google make some deep readers become shallow, but is there so much stuff that needs us to look into? So I insist that while the short passages or the links besides them are diverting our attention, they also keep us focus on a variety of news.

    I think the reason that people prefer short ones to long reading materials, maybe the same to people like Internet, which like a fastfood restaurant supplying its readers with the hottest and quickest news.

    At last may I raise a question that does the‘great database ‘mentioned in the 3ed paragraph mean *wikipedia*?

  19. I think it is true that "Google makes us stupid" in a certain mean. But I also think it is one of the natural phenomena of the age of transition to the world ruled by "Web2.0" and so on.

    Search engines, such as Google enable us to access to a lot of information quickly. And technological breakthroughs will enable us to access to them more and more quickly, as quickly as our nerves do. Yet, today, I know that there is more information than we can handle it. The increasing the number of information is probably earlier than the improving of the techniques.

    But can we stop them? The increasing of the number of information? It’s impossible in contemporary days, especially today, capitalism, and scientism society. To stop the developing of technology is impossible as same. So what should we do?

    I think, what we should do is to embed the fundamental education, in order to tell true or useful information apart false or useless one. If we want to do that, we must have our own stand. Coming the storming of information era, we must have the place where we stand on.