Saturday, October 2, 2010

Study Abroad Class Question for the 10/7 Class

What is happiness? Are you happy?


  1. Tomohide MitsumoriOctober 3, 2010 at 10:56 AM

    I'm not sure if there is a universal factor or criterion which makes everyone happy.
    In my case, I feel happy when achieving long-term goals, only then can I gain a sense of achievement. So my happiness stems from satisfaction.
    But I do think that it's important to find happiness in daily life so that I can finish a day with satisfaction.

  2. When I was a little child,I did think that to be rich is to be happy.Since I thought if I could have enough money,I can buy whatever I want including my beloved teddy bears or some delicious chocolate.However,as time goes by,I begin to change my mind.My parents give me more and more money since they have earned more now.So I can buy whatever I want,yet,it seems not that happy as I imagined when I got all of that.Why?Because as I growed up,my friends began to leave me one by one to get their further education or just move to another country with their family.We have become adults,we do gained a lot,yet we lost more.That's why I sometimes feel lonely now.I began to realise that money is not everything.To get together with your family and friends,to do the things you want is much much more important.And now,I am trying my best to make more new friends.Anyway,I always believe that"Tomorrow is another day".

  3. I think the word "happy" includes a lot of things. As for me, sleeping, eating, chatting, going out, etc. are all happy! But some people may not like those things. Its meaning is different froļ½ one by one.
    Something in common is that the word "happy" has positive meanings.
    I can find happy things around me if I try to find them though there are the same amount of hard things.
    As for me now, of course I'm happy because I slept well and ate a delicious breakfast^^

  4. I’d say happiness is being healthy not only myself but also my valuable people.
    Today, my father was hospitalized, and I was very sad and not happy. He has to be in hospital to cure his disease. I was lost in thought all the day: Without healthy body, we could not enjoy everything. Moreover a disease gives people sorrows. Health is the most important thing. Therefore, I think being healthy is the happiness in my life.

  5. I’ve been very busy these days. I must cope with both my circle activities and my schoolwork. That is very difficult for me, but I often think I am happy. During the activities, I really enjoy talking with friends and practicing together. It is wonderful to devote ourselves toward the same aim. I must remember that this bases on the university educations, so I also make efforts to study. If I can deal with both of them, I will be happy much more. Therefore, I feel the happiness when I have something interesting and it is more prominent when I have some difficulties.

  6. It is difficult problem, but I think there is happiness in daily life. We have been seeking for our happiness, but there is happiness around us. For example, being good health, being able to chatting, listening, eating, and so on. So happiness depends on our view. Unhappiness is so, too. Now, I am…I may be happy because I am not so sad, and I can chat with my friends, eat a lot of delicious food. There are parents and brother who were concerned me.

  7. I think there are two types of happiness. One is given happiness. This happiness depends on human relations. Friendship, love from your family, boyfriends, and girlfriends. Those factors make people happy. The other happiness is the kind people catch by themselves. In the case of Japan, if people want to enter a university or company, they should make an effort to realize it. This happiness depends on their action.
    Considering the circumstances mentioned above, I believe I’m happy. Although, I shouldn’t be satisfied with my condition; sometimes contentment takes peoples happiness.

  8. I think there are 2 types of happiness. First one is fumdamental thing. Being healthy, having enough food and having people who love each other.
    Second one is only able to come true by ourselves. That is to make an effor and overcome tasks to level up ourselves. I am happy with first point. But on second point, I can do better. So I want to make an effort to be happier.

  9. For me,happiness is living daily life.It seems natural thing for ordinary people,but being able to living daily life is the most important thing for me.If I had illness or hurt,I couldn't live ordinary life.I think ordinary thing is the most important in people's life,so I'm happy now.

  10. I think realizing whether happy or not sometimes takes time. I mean, when I look back my past I could realize that I was(am) happy.
    When I was young, I had to move because of my father's job. At that time, I thought moving was terrible thing! But, now I can say that moving was happy thing for me, because, thanks to that, I could experience many things. Like this, when I look back my past, I can find that I was(am) happy. So, now I don't know how happy I am, but,I will realize someday.So, the answer to the question" Are you happy (now)?" can be answered in the future.

  11. I think happiness is contentment, so "what is happiness" depend on person. For exsample, I feel happy when I had good sleep and delicious food, or see a beautiful piece of scenery, recall my wounderful memory, and so on. Some people notice they are happy by comparing themselves with poorer people. We often judge varied things by comparing someone. However, the most important thing is that we draw our each ideal. Therefore, rich man seems happy, but it's possible he doesn't feel happy.
    I repeat that it depends on how to feel whether one is happy or not.
    I'm happy, bucause I can feel happy whatever.

  12. I can't define its meaning completely. 
    But I think "happiness" means being loved by someone. My sister was born with a disability. So my grandma always takes care of my sister when I was child. I distrusted I was loved by my grandma. Many years have passed my father, mother, sister and I moved to Kanagawa prefecture. Recently my grandma always says "Take care of yourself!", "Eat a plenty of food!”. So I noticed I am loved my grandma.
    When I live with grandma, I can’t feel I’m loved by my grandma. But after apart from her, I was able to assure I’m loved by my grandma.
    So happiness is actually by my side.

  13. I think each person has their own understanding of the happiness, that is to say happiness is hard to define. Maybe someone will feel happy when he is solving a difficult math problems, on the contrary, maybe someone will feel happy when he is playing a video games. There are hundreds of ways to feel the happiness and it depends to each person.
    I feel happiness in many situations. Talking with my friends, playing the flute, reading comic books and so on. My daily life is filled with enjoyable things and I'm having a great days.

  14. I think happiness cannot be defined in words.
    It has no precise definition because as you often hear, everyone has different kinds of happiness.
    I don't know what is happness for everyone, but I can define what is happiness for me. In my case, the answer is easy. "Whether I do my best or not?" ,and now, I do my all off my best, so I'm very happy now!!

  15. Sawatsubashi NorihiroOctober 7, 2010 at 11:14 AM

    Surprisingly, I have not thought deeply about the definition of happiness still now. I am self-disciplined person. My wish is the achievement of world peace. Therefore, I will not have feel satisfaction with my life until building global peace. And then, my definition is happiness equal world peace.
    I hope there are no people who have no food and water and involved some conflicts in the world.

  16. I think that everyone has a different happiness. In my case,when I am talking with my friends,I feel happy.My happiness are talking,eating,playng baseball・・・
    So,I think happiness cannot be expressed in words.

    I am happy now.Because,I am surrounded by a lot of people.For example,teachers,family and friends.I live by myself.But,I don’t feel lonely. I enjoy my life.So, I ’m happy.

  17. The definition of happiness is difficult because it has wide meanings, but I think happiness is what make people smile. People must smile when they feel happy. In my case, I always smile with my friends, so I find myself happy. Some people cann't understand my feelings, but it's my happiness.
    Smile is universal!!

  18. Many people say,It is difficult to define happiness. I also think happiness cannot be defined in words. And of course,there are many different type of happiness in the world. But 'Happiness' is always around us in ordinary life I think. Eating delicious food, great sunday morning,talking to someone who I love etc. The most important thing is,do not think negative,and don't compare with other people's life. We have to realize that kind of 'Small Happiness'. I'm happy because I enjoy every day with great songs and positive thinking.

  19. In a moment of confusion of new semester's beginnig,I forgot to check my mail accousnt,so I couldn't check this blog. It's my fault. I'm so sorry.
    Anyway,when I see this question, I remembered the movie named "to be wild". Although I'm not sure about this movie's title,I can remenber it clearly still now. It is based on true story and the main character is high educated young man. He wanna find something true and he decided to travel alone. And during that travel he realized that happiness is equal to sharing with somebody.
    I completely agree with his opinion. When I have a meal alone, I feel so lonely and sad. In contrast, When I have a dish with someone, I can enjoy the meal and also the conversation. It makes me more happier,right? Like this way, happiness is equal to sharing with someone for me. And now, I have so many good friends so, I feel so happy.

  20. I think we can always be happy if we realize what we don't realize usually. For eaxample,
    I have enough to eat, I have friends,family, I'm not poor, I'm healthy, I can study at university and so on. I think we shouldn't take it for granted to have these things! So even though we are in bad condition, if we realize, then there are always ways to be happy!
    It's not difficult. As for me, before I leave my home, I always pray to God for a while and appreciate for everything that I got. This ts my way to be happy!