Monday, September 27, 2010

Current Events Waseda (CEW)

What kind of media did you use today? Why did you use that media? What did you learn?


  1. Today I looked at an aggregate news site called Huffington Post because that is what I always check. I can check the summaries quickly and see what I want to read.

    I also watched some TV, because my husband was watching it. So I found out that laughter raises your immunity and I saw a news story about North Korea.

    I think that is all the media I had time for today!

  2. I saw news in celphone today.
    I often see news in celphone, because it is possible to see anytime and anywhere.
    Celpohne's news in addition to it gives me fresh information earliest.
    The article that I saw is "The cabinet support rate became 49%".
    According to the article, the support rate seems to have fallen because of the relation to China.