Friday, November 30, 2012

What do you think of your book so far?

Respond to your book in any way!I think it is horrible!


  1. I am reading Absolute... so far and I think it is really interesting because it is very realistic and it feels as if I am secretly peeking junior high school student's brain.
    Because he is in special situation, I don't understand the meaning behind what he writes but what he feels as a boy is funny and also understandable.

  2. I am reading "Holes" and it is really fun to read! There's a lot of mysterious parts so far, so I really want to continue reading and figure out what it is. And the main character is fat and teased by the classmate, so it remaind me of Marvin! What I have already read today is like introducing characters, fields and situations, so I'm looking forward reading the rest of the story.

  3. I am reading "Walk two moons". I really want to know the answer of many mysteries. Especially what does " two Moons" mean. Actually, one of the reason why I chose this book is because I wondered why it is not "Walk to Moons".

    Also, I hope that main character's mother will come back again.

  4. I am reading "Olive Ocean". I didn't think the book is such a serious
    story. It was a little shock for me.
    With a personal memory, I sympathize with Martha. I had an "acquaintance"
    but "could be a friend" who passed away. I didn't have a chance, but I
    think I could have a chance. It is complicated feeling more than sorrow.
    I wonder how Martha deal with the feelings.

  5. I am reading "Walk two moons". I can't imagine the story from now on. There are a lot of words I don't know and unique expresses! It is interesting to learn new things. And, there are many people and many country, so I can find memories in each country.
    From now on, I'm looking forward to knowing the direction of "Walk two moons".

  6. I am reading "Olive's Ocean".I think descriptions of ocean,light,nature are so beautiful.And I'm concerned about Godbee's significant remark:"Who knows,this might be our last summer together".
    I'm looking for knowing how Martha will deal with the death of Olive from now on.

  7. I am reading "The Absolutely..." This story is so dark so far! I had thought it is more funny! The main character has too many teeth, has nearsightedness and farsightedness, is skinny, has huge hands and feet, has huge skull, is betrayed, has seizures two a week and has a stutter and a lisp because of operation of brain when a child. Futhermore he is poor. His family cannnot take their dog to hospital because they have no money. I was sad to this scene. I am looking forward to how to change.