Friday, November 30, 2012

Olive's Ocean


  1. Summary : From Chap.1 to Chap.11

    Martha Boyle, who lived with her father, mother, elder brother named Vince and little sister named Lucy, wanted to be a writer but she couldn’t tell anyone her dream. Mid-July, her acquaintance, Olive Barstow was dead in the car accident on Monroe Street. Olive was a girl who was quiet, unremarkable and weird. Moreover, she was teased by Josh and Dana. Mid-August, Martha met Olive’s mother and received her journal. After that, she flew to Godbee with her family and Olive’s journal.

  2. Title:From Chap.1 to Chap11

    Afresh encounter with "Olive"
    a sense of helplessness with the family

  3. Questions:From Chap.1 to Chap.11

    ・What is Olive like?
    ・What names are the member of Martha's family?
    ・What does Martha want to be?
    ・Why did Olive die?
    ・What will Martha do?
    ・If Martha and Olive were friends,do you think they could be good friends?
    ・What will it happen at Godbee's house?