Friday, November 16, 2012

What did you think of Marvin Redpost, Why Pick on Me?


  1. I think the story shows 8-year-old children's minds very accurately. And I felt Louis Sachar is a very understanding person.
    The story also shows a very important feature of bulling that it is done in a group. It shows bullies are not so strong when they are alone. So in fact, the victim is stronger than them because he/she can act alone. By this massage, the story can encourage many children in suffering like Marvin I think.

  2. I was surprised the way of ending the story.
    Marvin has such a courage!

    I didn't like the middle of the story because it is too
    hard for Marvin. It looked like almost bully!
    (Surely he should not have keep on talking about the picking on,
    becuase it aggravate the picking on. But, he is only eight years old!)
    I think picking on is one thing and bullying is another, but I
    also noticed that it may be difficult for small children to
    distinct them.

    Qurelance may have learned much, and it is a good thing, of course.
    However, I insist that there is one more person who should have reflect
    on own behavior―Mrs.North.
    She didn't make sure that Marvin actually had "an unsanitary habit".
    She didn't even let Marvin have his say.
    She just swallows what the children said and was hard for Marvin.
    It may be safe to say that she became a party of bullying!
    She didn't even say sorry to Marvin. I can't overlook her behavior.

    As a whole, I think this story describes children's feeling vividly.
    It can give children and adults the chance to think about thier own

  3. When we were young, we used to care too much what now we don't care. Even now, we care too much what others don't care.I felt it's funny because Marvin made his friends remember that he picked his nose by appeal of not picking his nose, although they might have forgotten this.
    The point which I could not understand is why Marvin's teacher did't answer wheather she have picked her nose ever or not.
    I think Marvin is clever to come up with a question "Have you ever picked your nose?"
    I enjoyed this story!

  4. This story grasps and satirize the problem of bullying appropriately.
    I do a part-time job at cram school and actually I've heard that the child say "You pick your nose!" to other child.
    Though bullying can happen everywhere,some children like Marvin think seriously and suffer from it.
    And though bullying in this story solved by the native cheerfulness and thinking quickly of Marvin,bullying can be serious situation more in Japan.
    Through this book,we and children need to rethink the problem of bullying and consider a counterplan.

  5. Marvin’s story reminds me of my experience. When I was 11, a boy was picked on. And I picked on him, too. Now I can imagine how he felt in the class, but I couldn’t in those days. Because I was young, I didn’t know how sad he was and what happened to me next.
    Yes, I was picked on next. It was most terrible school days for me. However I could learn how to get term with my friends from this experience.
    During school days, such case often happens throughout the world. This book draws this situation vividly.

  6. In case of Marvin, not only he but his family being honest, and believe him waas the key to overcome the adversity.It sounds to be natural, but in such situation as teacher also penetrate the truth,it becomes so difficult that even parents are tend to be involved by bad dynamics in classroom, and finally cannnot believe their children. In this book, I felt his family functioned as his safety shelter as well as base that can plan an effective strategy.

  7. I like this story because of realistic storyline. This story tells children that bully is really hard to stop.
    But what I like the most in this story is that sentenses which are written in the very first line in the chapter,"It got worse..., It got worse and worse...,Wost of all... ". It makes me want to know what will happen next and interest me a lot! And also,when these kind of sentenes disappere at chapter6, I thought "Something would become better! I have to read the rest of the story!"
    This story uses unstoppable strategy for children(of course,adults) not to be bored!

  8. The ending was different to the story I expected! I expected that his teacher would help Marvin who is teased by classmates and everyone would be along with him. But actually, his score which is checked by his teacher was not good. At last, Marvin started to point another student! This book betraied me!! But that is interesting. Because I thought that Japanese book is different with foreign country's book. The good point of foreign country's book is that by expressing bad things, they showing their children what they have not to do.
    There are many pictures and pleasant expresses in this book! I feel very funny! By reading for children, I wish that I would teach many children many things.