Friday, November 30, 2012

Star Girl


  1. Words and phrases (pp.36-54):

    1. backlash - a strong negative reaction
    2. the most riveting moments of the film - very interesting and exciting
    3. frogs lie dormant - sleeping (not active)
    4. rebellion - opposition to authority
    5. MAHS students astir - wake up
    6. Any reluctance to answering personal or embarrassing questions always yilded to the lure of appearing on TV. -
    They didn't want to answer personal or embarrassing questions but they wanted to appear on TV, and the desire of appearing on TV was stronger.
    7. I was elated. - very happy and excited
    8. We yipped. - expressed our satisfaction and excitement with loud voices.
    9. fat chance of smth. happening - smth. is UNlikely to happen
    10. touch-and-go (Example: She is fine now, but it was touch-and-go for a while. - there was a possibility that she might die.)
    11. pledge of allegiance - a (serious) promise of person's continued support for smth.

  2. Questions (pp.36-54)

    1. Why do you think students in MAHS started 'awakening' (showing their individuality)?
    2. If there wese a show like "Hot Seat" in Wasea - would you like to take part in it as a gust?
    3. What questions would you ask Stargirl?
    4. It is mentioned in the book that Stargirl was cheering for the sport teams in MAHS. Do you support sport teams in Waseda?
    Do you attend the games? What do you feel when Waseda team loses? wins?
    5. It is said in the book that 'bad things didn't stick to her (Stargirl)'.Do you think you are a lucky person? Do bad things stick to you?