Friday, November 30, 2012



  1. “Holes”
    There is CampGreen Lake which used to be a very large lake here, and is now for bad boys to get back on the right track. Stanley Yelnats, who was overweight and teased at his middle school, went to Camp Green Lake because he was thought that he stole Clyde Livingston’s shoes. When he arrived at Camp Green Lake, he was told that he have to dig one hole each day. Then he met his counselor, Mrpendanskihis, and the member of the Camp, Jose(magnet,Theodore(Armpit),Ricky(Zigzag) and Zero. His life in Camp Green Lake started.

  2. Chapter7〜10 vocabulary
    blade 刃
    bang ぶつかる
    bounce off はずむ
    dent へこみ
    rattle ガタガタ揺れる
    might 力
    force 力
    defective 欠陥品
    luke-warm 生ぬるい
    cot 折りたたみ式ベッド
    shed 納屋
    shaft 柄
    mound 盛り土
    crack 割れ目
    pry up てこで動かす
    perimeter 周囲の長さ
    crust 堅くなった表面
    blister まめ
    puffy 膨れた
    plow すき
    forlorn 絶望した
    sow 雌豚
    runt 一番小さい豚
    suckle 乳を飲む
    excavate 掘り出す
    snout 突き出た鼻
    preposterous ばかげた
    baloney でたらめの
    dawdle 無駄に時間を費やす
    clod 塊
    frizzy 縮れた
    grimace 顔を歪める
    fling 投げ飛ばす
    predatory 肉食の
    crate 木箱
    wreck 残骸
    sprawl だらしなく寝そべる
    grunt 低くうなる
    scowl しかめっ面をする
    arc 弧を描く
    bulge 膨らみ