Sunday, December 19, 2010

Of Thee Sing: A Letter My Daughters by Barack Obama

Who knew?! A president who writes a book! For children!

The pictures are beautiful too.

Where is my Amazon account?


  1. Merry Christmas Rebecca!!
    haha again,click the link below,I've prepared Christmas visual feast!

  2. A happy new year!
    The pictures on this book are so beautiful!
    I'd like to read this...

  3. Hello, Rebecca!
    Tomorrow is the last class on Monday. I'm very sad because I like your class.
    So, I would like to send a comment.
    (I think it may be too late, because this article was written on Dec. 19.
    But there isn't a new thread in January. So I'll try to post the comment on this thread.)
    I didn’t know that President Obama wrote the book. As you said, the picture was really beautiful. After seeing this video, I came up with the topic of the presentation for tomorrow! It’s about my favorite picture book. Thank you very much

  4. Your presentation was very well done! Thank you for sharing.