Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hey Study Abroad!

Do you remember your homework?

You were supposed to think about your strength and then do something that will make you happy.

How did that experiment go? Are you ready to talk about it tomorrow?

Mine went really poorly so I had to change what would make me happy.

And I think it worked.

Will tell you more tomorrow!

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  1. I'm not sure if this is a question for Monday class, but I still want to write something about happiness.
    Once I heard some people say that if you ask yourself like this: am I happy? That may probably mean that you're not happy now,
    Yes, if you are in a very happy state, you won’t doubt whether you’re happy.
    I think I’m now in a “usual” happy state. I enjoy my school, my parttime job, and my dormitory life. When I’m together with my best friends, those interesting guys make me “super” happy.
    During those “usual” and ”super” happy period ,there’re also some moment which I worry about my paper, and future.But I can’t say I’m unhappy even sometimes I can’t figure out the method of doing my school work well.Because I know the general direction which I should go to .About one year ago, when many people in my class were preparing the entrance examination for graduate school, my friend was always unhappy. She said that she could even see her life in a graduate school, and she confused about what she should do,take the exam like others or search a job.Yes, when you lose your goal, it’s worse than you fall.
    So whatever how hard time we’re in,we should keep happy. And the simplest way is just to smile.There’s a word like this: you smile not because you’re happy, but your smile will make you happy.So let’s keep smile everyday.