Monday, October 13, 2008

Favorite non-Japanese TV show

Hey, what have you enjoyed watching? Recently, my daughter and I really got hooked on Veronica Mars. We watched the entire Season 1 in one weekend! I have promised to buy Season 2 when her entrance exam is over.


  1. Hello rebecca! I have wanted to watch Veronica Mars. But I want you to watch Japanese TV show. I recommend garireo. this is very fun!

  2. Hi! Rebecca!
    Veronica Mars?What kind of TV show is this?Please introduce it in Monday's class:)

    I'm really interested in non-Japanese TV show, though I rarely watch them.I think I should try some!

    Last Friday, I saw Japanese TV drama "Ryusei-no-Kizuna." The actors are so nice! I like

  3. Ok, I'll try to watch some Japanese shows.

    I think my daughter was watching Galileo. I don't know the other one you mentioned though.

    After the election is over I will bring in Veronica Mars. I think we should compare it to some older TV shows. It is interesting to see how they have changed!!