Tuesday, September 30, 2008


This week's question: What are you dreading most this semester?
(Go ahead and look up "dread" in the dictionary.)


  1. I'm dreading final exam most. I have so many many books to read and paper to write! I wish I could finish graduation thessis and pass final exam as soon as possible. I will do my best! eiko nishi

  2. I'm dreading how could I manage my daily schedule. I want to challenge many many things and I don't want to be afraid to do that, so I have so heavy schedule in this semester. But it is waste of energy if I do things by halves. I hate that! I must not forget the word,"Time is money" and I will do my best in this semester.
    Tomoki Hayashi

  3. I'm dreading graduation thesis.
    I'll write the project paper to write graduation thetis soon. But actually, I have not pondered the theme of my draduation thetis!!
    So,I must reflect what I write.
    Ema Koshinuma

  4. I'm dreading EAP33 most. I don't habe high skill of English. I speak English a little. So it is difficult for me to keep up with this class level. But...I never give up!! I will study as hsrd as I could and I want to speak many people in English.
    Mami Tatsuta

  5. I am dreading attendance.
    It is hard for me to get out of bed, so my attendance has not been great. I will try to attend every class 100% in this semester.

  6. I'm dreading some Chinese tests. I like to speak Chinese and I want to study more and more Chinses, but I'm poor at grammer. So now, I'm studying Chinese harder!!Of course, I like English too!! So I'm studying English too!!
    Chihiro Kawakami